Next-Feat. is the exclusive distributor of premium sport brands in the branch:


* Running: Topo Athletic (Boston, USA) & Ashmei (Aldbury, UK)

* Cycling: Passoni (Milan, IT), Ashmei (Aldbury, UK) & Queens of the      Mountain (London, UK)

* Skiing: M. Miller (Boston, USA)


Our DNA is: Performance-Quality-Style


Our success is obtained after following one simple guideline. Always produce the very best. In our service to any client of any product of Next Feat., we always try to outperform ourselves.


The distribution is managed by Jean-François Engels.


And more...

  • Our distribution structure integrates a picture studio ("Factory Studio" by David Losfeld) for promoting and communicating around the brands (by making video, pictures, catalogue,…). We secure, by this way, the media exposure of the brands in our portfolio & the PR missions. Inside our walls, we have our restaurant ("L'appareil" by Dominique) for welcoming our customers & visitors. Our goal is simple: to serve great quality food and provide friendly and efficient service in a warm atmosphere reminiscent of home.