UK-based brand ashmei produces top quality running and cycling apparel made from Australian Merino wool, and according to the company’s founder,

Stuart Brooke, ashmei’s suppliers are selected purely on their ability to produce products with only the highest level of performance.


Stuart Brooke has been involved in the development of high-end sportswear  for some of the leading sports brands (Rapha,...) for the more than 20 years, and when he founded ashmei in 2012 he knew Merino wool would play a major role in the development of ashmei apparel.


“We don’t choose a price point, and then select a fabric and make the best product we can out of it. Rather, we work from the best fibre and develop the clothing for ultimate performance, quality and style. Every product has to be the best there is or we won’t launch it.” Mr Brooke say.


"When Stuart Brooke founded Ashmei  he created it with a vision – to forge the ultimate premium-performance sportswear company". Runner's World UK  (2017/03/03)